8 Things I Remember and Love About my Grandma

  1. She used to eat cottage cheese and pineapple each day at noon, as she settled into her chair to watch All My Children.


  1. She used to give me a slight nod at the kitchen table to let me know I was doing something wrong, something that was annoying my grandpa. The nod was for only my eyes and it worked.


  1. She tried out and stuck with different hobbies like oil painting and square dancing. I have her paintings of birds and flowers hanging on my hallway wall.


  1. She walked and walked, each morning, a well-worn route in her retirement community, white sneakers on her feet and a visor on her head.


  1. She would make a slight whistling sound as she cooked or cleaned, that was very always so comforting to hear.


  1. She would count the bunnies with me, that hopped around her home in Leisure World. She even had a ceramic one on her front porch, to welcome the real ones.


  1. She had wine a glass of wine each evening with her friend Elaine, as they dissected and shared news from the day.


  1. She made the best biscuits with blue cheese, butter and biscuits in a tube. We eat them every holiday and affectionally refer to them as “Grandma’s biscuits”.

2 thoughts on “8 Things I Remember and Love About my Grandma

  1. It is so comforting to remember someone who you loved. Your grandmother sounds like a special woman who loved you very much.

  2. This list gives such a sense of your grandmother. I love how vivid the details are. What a lovely way of bringing her to life.

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